Base got destroyed

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Base got destroyed

Postby Ritchy » Thu Feb 08, 2018 9:06 pm

hi anzus

me and my dad have a problem in your exile server... my dad Fred made a base called Australia and a other group that call them selfe Ghosts destroyed it someone told that ower base got attacked and Fred went to investigate and got shot from odinsBodyguard and he claims that Fred was aiming at him and shot but missed only from around 100 meters and Fred dosent have any weapons on him... and thats the reason why they now hunting him and destroying everything we build we would need your help badly...

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Re: Base got destroyed

Postby Anzu » Sun Feb 11, 2018 12:09 am

Hey Ritchy,

Thanks to you both for playing on the server and also for bringing this to our intention.

From what you tell me it sounds like another group on the server attacked your base and destroyed some things. The base itself can only be destroyed if they manage to steal your flag, and you don't pay the ransom (at the Office Trader) and replace it within like 2 weeks. So, unless they've done this and two weeks went by, rest assured your base is still there and still belongs to you.

Attacking peoples base is not against the rules though, and PvP is allowed on the server. However, if they are constantly harassing you guys and you guys are not retaliating in any way, then that would be considering griefing and is something more serious.
How many times have they killed you guys in one server restart timeframe (6hrs)?
What exactly did they destroy? (vehicles? base structures? which ones?)
Are they actually following you around and killing you over and over?
Are you retaliating in any way? Have you killed them?
Have you told them to stop and what did they say?
What exact times did this happen and what can we find in the chat logs to support your claim?
What were the names of the players doing this?

Let us know the details because just saying that some players attacked your base and blew some things up, is not really against the rules and that's just aggressive PvP gameplay.

If they are penetrating your defense somehow, then maybe try upping your defenses? Setup some static guns, defensive vehicles, use drones, get other players to help you defend, etc. I can almost guarantee that if you asked any other players online to help you defend your base, that at least 1-2 ppl would be willing to help you guys fight them off.

If they are destroying your vehicles, you should try putting your vehicles in the Virtual Garage at your base so they cant get to them. To do this, goto your base and hit 6 to bring up your XM8, click the little X in the bottom to turn it on and goto Virtual Garage, under More...

There you can fetch and store vehicles safely to your Virtual Garage so attacking base-raiders can't destroy them.

Feel free to message us on Discord as well to discuss.

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Re: Base got destroyed

Postby Fred » Tue Feb 13, 2018 5:19 pm

Hi Anzu.

yes they call themself the invisible Ghosts, and one in particular Odins Bodyguard is the one who destroyed our base and shot me when I investigated the damage done. He always persecutes me no matter where I am and comes out with provocating sayings to wich I don't react , we never retaliated in any way as yet but if this keeps on going on we will this guy acts as if the server belongs to him and he makes rules as he gos along. something should be done about him,
I never carry a gun because if I get splashed by a AI or anyone else than I don't lose a lot of expansive gear/ I wait till I have anough poptabs to buy a Tank. can you make the server a PVE and make the south end of the Island into a PVP
area?? I personally don't like PVP servers enough to handle AI's and Zombies but than other Players as well---no thank you

have a nice day
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