Crazy Happenings [Hackenings]

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Crazy Happenings [Hackenings]

Post by Fzombie » Sun Feb 17, 2013 8:45 pm

<15:57:11> "Tigerchan": where r y
<17:12:23> "Zombii": the hacker then gave me hacks
<17:12:28> "Zombii": and told me to have fun
<17:12:34> "Zombii": now im fucking with them [EDIT: I was just seeing what abilities they were giving people, not using them, the hacker cast invis and god on me I had no control over that and I didn't log out instantly so I could try to get info on the hacker]
<17:12:42> "Tigerchan": really....
<17:12:44> "Tigerchan": dont do tht
<17:12:57> "Zombii": the hacker really did have a gun vodnik
<17:13:07> "Zombii": but im having run running around invis godmode
<17:13:12> "Zombii": not doing any harm
<17:14:19> "Tigerchan": stop now log out
<17:14:55> "Zombii": sick of this game
<17:15:12> "Zombii": crazy shit still happening
<17:15:15> "Zombii": hacker still active
<17:15:18> "Zombii": i logged out
<17:15:18> "Tigerchan": then stop u know the rules man... Not really cool at all
<17:15:24> "Tigerchan": well u just admited to doin the same

I would say that I didn't admit to "doing the same" as the hacker. I'd admit to being a victim of the hacker. I never asked for that shit.

Series of Events:
Flying SUV, no name tag.
Landed my Little Bird and picked up a Ospry. Picked up people at dubrovo and just north of that.
Went to khotanavsk or wtf ever that city is. Landed. Screen flashing quite a bit.
Loaded the crew, gear, etc... Tried to take off. The Rotors went all the way upside down in an instant and the ospry flipped and crashed. This happened in less than a second.
We all crawl out of the osprey.
Guy speaks to me in what I think might be direct, still no name tag, says "Hey man enjoy" and I don't realize at the time but that was the hacker and he had made me invisible and godmode.
My blood is still at half so I ask for a bloodbag. I toss grenades in the air to signal my team mates having problems seeing me and my team mates inform me that I'm invisible. I try to jump off a structure to kill myself and can't.
I drop my shit all but an axe. I go re-log and kill myself.

I'm pissed. Every day it gets harder for admins instead of easier. It's like we are losing the battle in every game not just arma. Hacks are multimillion dollar industries and they have more hackers than game developers have programmers.
How the hell do you love a game that you hate? But that's whats going on here. As much as I say "I should just quit" I end up back online mainly because I love hanging out with you guys, my friends.

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