1.6.2 Minecraft Server Status -=ONLINE=-

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1.6.2 Minecraft Server Status -=ONLINE=-

Post by Fzombie » Tue Jul 23, 2013 8:58 pm

Based on user requests I have created a 1.6.2 Minecraft server and it has been in testing for a few weeks now.

The address is minecraft.dependablethings.com or minecraft.anzuswargames.net , Default port.

There are a few known bugs. I'll list a few.

Sometimes mcmmo stats reset.
<KiloJuliet> random 00's
<Riking> yeeeah it was me
<Draxus> Riking: Ok stats look good in the DB now, no errors in the console yet. I'll have to do your test later and let you know.
<Riking> I made some SQLDatabaseManager changes, PR'd them, and did some tests
<KiloJuliet> oh nice
<Riking> which did not include running it on a server that is actually used
Some horses are not tameable.

Some random lag events can occur. They clear up by themselves.

Keep in mind that Minecraft is SINGLE THREADED. Meaning more than one cpu core or thread will not be used in general.

Minecraft Bukkit can have up to 2 threads. 1 thread is the main minecraft server thread and the second is some minor net code. It's possible that some plugins might also be able to take advantage of another thread but for all intents and purposes 95% of the minecraft server is running on ONE CORE.

For your client Optifine can let you multi-thread some aspects of minecraft. Some plugins can grab an extra thread. I would recommend it to anyone who has lag issues and more than 2 cores.

This is leading me to my next subject. People have requested that I have multiple worlds in my minecraft server. That would cause more load on that core than I'm comfortable with so the next best option is run 2 servers or upgrade my memory. If I wanted to do that I would have to spend another another 12.95$/month at a time where not that many people are even playing on the first world.

If you want to help fund the minecraft servers you can Use this link to buy things on Amazon.com , you should bookmark it.

If you have Lag or Connection issues with the server Please use WinMTR at http://winmtr.net/ to generate a MTR report and post it here or message me in steam. It's likely the lag is not me, you, or the server, it could be backbone internet connections messing up again. If the MTR is not problematic I will help you eliminate your lag using Optifine with the correct settings, or diagnose any server issue I may have.

This is how the minecraft servers are set up:

Server 1: 1 ~2ghz core
OpenVPN Server (Tunnel in case anyone is restricted and to establish secure connections for RCON)
Minecraft Server Monitoring Services
RSYNC MC Server Backups

Server 2: 2 ~2ghz cores
Webserver (will have minecraft stats, other services)
Mumble/Murmur Server (dependablethings.com, default port, home to calguns.net chat and my minecraft co-op chat.)

Server 3: Quad-core Xenon 2GB Memory 1GB solid, 1GB Burst, custom stripped debian, hand picked packages. OS takes around 12MB memory.
Minecraft Bukkit server
Security Services
RCON server
MSM Server Manager
Backup Manager
Minecraft Bukkit Testing Server (usually offline)

Server 4: MySQL Offloading server with beastly stats on the same LAN network and direct and dos protected external IPs. Cpanel, PhpMyAdmin
Webserver SQL Table
Minecraft bukkit/plugin SQL Table
Security Services SQL Table

And other random services but that's the basics.

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