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DayZ Overwatch Server - Online

Postby Tactical_Force » Fri Nov 29, 2013 4:24 pm

Hello Folks!

I would like to proudly announce that we have a DayZ Overwatch server up and running and we would like to see players on there and give it a try. We are trying to do light modifications to the server and we may add base building to it but we do not know yet. As for now for modifications done to server is Custom Loot & Custom Client Side Graphics settings to favor those that have a bit of a lower end computer such as myself get a bit more frames in gameplay. We'll add more vehicles to the server soon and hopefully have enough vehicles on the map for everybody but we won't add a ridiculous amount of vehicles to the point where it's nothing but vehicular combat dayz. If anybody wants to try it out you can search it up when you launch ArmA 2 Overwatch and type in filters AWG and you should be able to find it :).

Server IP(In Case): PORT 2382
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